• Ruud Gullit
  • Born on 1 September 1962, in Amsterdam (Holland)
  • Haarlem: 1979-1982: 91 games, 32 goals
  • Feyenoord: 85 games, 30 goals
  • PSV: 1985-1987: 68 games, 46 goals
  • AC Milan: 1987-1993: 117 games, 35 goals
  • Sampdoria: 1993-1994: 31 games, 16 goals
  • AC Milan: 1994: 8 games, 3 goals
  • Sampdoria: 1994-1995: 22 games, 9 goals
  • Chelsea: 1995-1998: 32 games, 4 goals


  • Winner Ballon d'Or 1987



"Ruud Gullit is a great player by any standards. He has all the skills. He's not afraid to do things with the ball. And he looks as if he's enjoying every second of it. By my reckoning that's what makes him an even better player than Maradona. Both have the key quality you will find in all the best players: balance. You just can't knock them off the ball. It was the same with Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruijff."

  • George Best (Former player of Manchester United and the Northern Irish national team)


"One of the best Dutch players, and there have been so many. Seldom do you see someone with such physical strength as well as technical ability."

  • Sven-Goran Eriksson


"There was a period in the late-'80s when Ruud rivalled Diego Maradona as the world's best player, and in virtually any position - centre half, winger, centre midfield or up front. But for injuries, Ruud would've achieved even more than he did."

  • Ronald Koeman


"Gullit was a legend. He was more powerful than Van Basten, so it was almost impossible to get the ball from him. But he had a different style, and was Van Basten's perfect partner: every coach's dream is to have a technical player partneres with a physical one."

  • Gheorghe Hagi