A Functional soccer skill is a skill that always creates a better situation for the team. The usage will provide more space and creates more time to see, coach and decide what to do; all leading to the best possible solution.

The use of a skill always leads to a final product, such as a shot, pass, cross, dribble or finish. A penalty, free kick or corner could also be the effect of using a skill. 

These soccer skills are nurture and not nature; learnable for everyone and not only for the gifted players. Regardless of the playing level, taking the time to master these skills will cause you to make the difference for you and your team. 


Functionalsoccerskills.com provides a complete overview of soccer skills that are functional and useful for every playing level. By following Coerver and Meulensteen’s footsteps and redoing their research we collected soccer skills that are simple, effective and providing maximum results.


We intend to not only show the actual skills, but also the fact that these are used since the very beginning of soccer’s existence. We show which skills (former) world-class players use and have used in the past. Even these players copied, learned and used these skills during their whole career. We Also show that there is a huge emphasis on the acquisition of functional soccer skills in the best youth academies in the world.   



Functional soccer skills are suitable for every playinglevel

"The basics of the game is to control the ball as soon as possible, so you have more time to look for a good decision."

  • Johan Cruijff 


"Considerable research on successful soccer players and their developmental history, affirms that a good percentage of them have spent time in isolation, working on soccer skills."

  • Pele