• Born on 30-09-1944 in Viewpark (Scotland)
  • Died on 13-03-2006 in Uddingston (Scotland)
  • Celtic: 1961-1975: 308 games, 82 goals
  • San Jose Earthquakes: 1975: 10 games, 0 goals
  • Sheffield United: 1975-1977: 11 games, 2 goals
  • Dundee FC: 1977: 3 games, 0 goals
  • Shelbourne FC: 1977-1978: 9 games, 0 goals
  • Elgin City: 1978-1979: 18 games, 2 goals

"One player who sticks in my mind is the little red haired winger Jimmy Johnstone. He had such skill and was the kind of player I always enjoy watching."

  • Pele


"Wee Jimmy was a fantastic player, someone everyone looked up to. His character and personality matched his ability as a player. He was a brilliant wee guy with a great sense of humour having loads of fun winding people up."

  • Kenny Dalglish


"Growing up I had two real heroes, George Best and Jimmy Johnstone. One week I'd say Jimmy was the best and the next I'd say it was George."

  • Gordon Strachan


"He destroyed Terry Cooper, who was England's left-back at the time, when we met Leeds United in the semi-final of the European Cup in 1970. A few years later, we went to Elland Road for a testimonial for Jack Charlton and Jimmy turned it on again. My father-in-law, James Farrell, got a tap on his schouder during the game. It was Michael Parkinson, who asked 'do you see this every weekend?' 'Of course', was the reply. 'God, you are so lucky', said Parkinson."

  • Jim Craig


"They adored him, you know. The Celtic fans, obviously, but even supporters of Real Madrid, who feast on football wizardry, watched in awe as he hypnotised them at Alfredo Di Stefano's testimonial match in the Bernabeu."

  • Chick Young


"At his peak George Best was a better all-round player than Jimmy Johnstone, but for individual skill 'Jinky' was streets ahead. Best was like the great Alfredo Di Stefano, similar in the way he could see things happening, but for pure ability there was no one like wee Jimmy, at his greatest he was unstoppable. I'm glad I only had to face him in training games. However, I count myself fortunate to have seen both in action when they were at the top. They were both incredible."

  • Tommy Gemmell


"I was always aware I was an entertainer. The crowd provided the expectation the hair on the back of my nek would go up and I loved the applause. The pitch was my stage. The whistle meant it was showtime."

  • Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnstone


"You've got to entertain and to that you've got to practise at it. And that's what's missing."

  • Jimmy Johnstone