"The term skill refers to a player's ability to select, organize, and execute an action appropriate to a given situation in an effective, consistent and efficient manner. Skill can be distinguished from technique, which refers to a basic motor action or movement pattern. Skill is the ability to use a technique appropriately and effectively at the right moment. Techniques form the building blocks upon which skill is developed. It is therefore essential that as a result of the skill acquisition process learners know how and when to apply techniques effectively. The key features of skill are that it is:


  • Goal Directed (Players have a purpose and know what they are attempting to do).
  • Effective and reliable (The goal is achieved with maximum certainty and consistency).
  • Adaptable (To meet a variety of performance contexts).
  • Efficient (It uses no more effort than necessary).
  • Learned (Developed with practice and experience)." (Williams, Horn & Hodges, 2003)


The last point ('Learned') empasize  that the skills showed in the videos are teachable (nurture) and not only accessible for the gifted players. By showing the skills preformed over time by many different soccer players, on different playing levels and in different situations we try to convince you about this concept. 


For example, the well-known 'Hook Turn' that many people name the 'Cruyff turn'  seems to be not initialized by Johan Cruijff,  but is performed earlier by Spanish legend Paco Gento. After Gento and Cruijff a lot soccer players copied this move and used it during their own games. So, as already stated, the skills are teachable and useful for every soccer player. This applies to every skill on this website. 


"Someone who has juggled the ball in the air during a game, after which four defenders of the opponent had the time to run back, that's the player people think is great. I say he has to go to a circus."

◦ Johan Cruijff (Former player and coach of Ajax and FC Barcelona)