Once Wiel Coerver had distinguished a lot of (basis) soccer skills, he decided that there should be a way to share this skills with the rest of the world. Coerver wrote, in company with Johan Derksen, the book 'Voetballeerplan voor de ideale voetballer' in which all skills are summarized. They chose to do this with short texts and a lot of pictures (more than 700). For every little step in a functional soccer skill they made a short description and took a lot of pictures. So, there are four or five pictures for every single soccer skill in which the body on the picture is in a different position, all together making clear how the skill should be done.


Coerver did this research and wrote this book a long time before the beginning of the internet. The internet, nowadays, makes it possible to show and teach the skills in (short) movies and everyone has the possibility to watch and re-watch the skills and practice them. So as an alternative for the pictures and texts, we decided to make short videos in which every functional soccer skill is performed by a (former) professional soccer player in slow motion. All the skills are slowed down to a one minute duration. By doing this, you can see al the steps that should by done to perform the skill in a proper manner. 


See how players as Johan Cruijff, Xavi, Maradona and Pele positioned there body when performing a functional soccer skill; look at where they place their standing leg relative to the ball and how they turn their body to make the functional soccer skill. All this information, that Coerver showed in pictures, now cross your screen in just one minute.