• Bobby Charlton
  • Born on 11 oktober 1937, in Ashington (England)
  • Manchester United: 1956-1973: 606 games, 199 goals
  • Preston North End: 1974-1975: 38 games, 8 goals
  • Waterord United: 1976: 3 games, 1 goals
  • Perth Azzurri: 1980: 3 games, 2 goals


  • Winner Ballon d'Or 1966


"What a pleasure to play alongside. I don't think I have even seen anybody who could beat players as easily as him, myself included. I often used my pace, but Bobby made it look effortless. And once he got the ball within 30 yards of goal, he was lethal with either foot. Because he played a lot on the left, many people assume he was a natural left-footer, but I don't think he was. He was just so good with both feet."

  • George Best (Former player of Manchester United and the Northern Irish national team)


"Bobby Charlton was known for his creativity. He was on the move for 90 minutes, and had the lungs of an horse."

  • Franz Beckenbauer (Former player of Bayern Munich and the German national team)