• Born on 1 april 1927, in Budapest (Hungary)
  • Budapest Honved: 1943-1955: 341 games, 352 goals
  • Real Madrid: 1958-1966: 180 games, 156 goals
  • Died on 17 november 2006


"He had a great shot and he could accelerate very quickly, all-around skilled and above all explosive."

  • Luis Suarez Miramontes (Former player of FC Barcelona, Internationale, Sampdoria and the Spanish national team)


"I was with Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and Puskas, we were coaching in a football academy in Australia. The youngsters we were coaching did not respect him, including making fun of his weight and age. We decided to let the guys challenge a coach to hit the crossbar 10 times in a row, obviously they picked the old fat one. Law asked the kids how many they thought the old fat coach would hit out of 10. Most said less than five. I said 10. The old fat coach stepped up and hit nine in a row. For the tenth shot he scooped the ball in the air, bounced it off both shoulders and his head, then flicked it over with his heel and cannoned the ball of the crossbar on the volley. They all stood in silence then one kid asked who he was, I replied, 'to you, his name is Mr. Puskas'."

  • George Best (Former player of Manchester United and the Northern Irish national team)