• Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (Ronaldinho)
  • Born on 21-03-1980 in Porto Alegre (Brazil)
  • Gremio: 1998-2001: 52 games, 21 goals
  • Paris Saint Germain: 2001-2003: 55 games, 17 goals
  • FC Barcelona: 2003-2008: 145 games, 70 goals
  • AC Milan 2008-2011: 76 games, 20 goals
  • Flamengo: 2011-2012: 33 games, 15 goals
  • Atletico Mineiro: 2012-2014: 48 games, 16 goals
  • Queretaro: 2014-2015: 25 games, 8 goals
  • Fluminense: 2015-2016: 7 games, 0 goals
  • Caps (Brazil): 1999-2013: 97 games, 33 goals 


  • Winner Ballon d'Or 2005



"Football is about joy. It is about dribbling. I favour every idea that makes the game beautiful. Every good idea has to last."

  • Ronaldinho


"My game is based on improvisation. Often, a forward does not have the time to think too much. You have a second, rarely more, to decide whether to dribble, shoot or pass to the right or left. It is instinct that gives the orders."

  • Ronaldinho


"If you are playing for five hours you don't want to score more goals all the time and I loved dribbling. I could score a goal, but I prefered to dribble."

  • Ronaldinho


"Ronaldinho was more talented than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. When we didn't know what to do, he would create chances to score."

  • Deco


"Ronaldinho was responsible for the change in Barca. It was a bad time and the change that came about with his arrival was amazing. In the first year, he didn't win anything but people fell in love with him. Then the trophies started coming and he made all those people happy. Barca should always be gratefull for everything he did."

  • Lionel Messi


"I played against him when he first came to Europe to play for Paris Saint Germain in 2001 and even then you could tell he would one day become the best player in the world. He has unbelievable skill and so many tricks in his repertoire."

  • Laurent Blanc


"Magic feet, but it was not just about tricks - he created and scores the goals to match his ability."

  • Roberto Carlos


"I learned a lot from Ronaldinho and Robinho. Football is a tactical game and you sometimes have to be serious. But they taught me to always do it with a smile and have fun. I spent hours watching their clips on youtube."

  • Eden Hazard


"Ronaldinho when I was at Paris Saint-Germain was the most naturally gifted. When I played with him, he was unbelievable. His techniques, his natural ability to dominate the ball and the tricks he did was impossible. We tried for hours to do what he did, but couldn't do it."

  • Mikel Arteta


"For skills and tricks, Ronaldinho was the best player I have played with."

  • Edgar Davids


"No one can compare to Ronaldinho. I remember his plays, his dribbles. I remember him winning every title at the Camp Nou. He made history at Barca and made history with Brazil."

  • Neymar