• Gianni Rivera
  • Born on 18 August 1943 in Alessandria.
  • Alessandria: 1959 - 1960: 26 games, 6 goals.
  • AC Milan: 1960 - 1979: 501 games, 122 goals.
  • Italy: 60 games, 14 goals.


  • Winner Ballon d'Or 1969




"I told myself, there's no other alternative for me but to get the ball, take it past everyone and score."

  • Gianni Rivera


"He is an elegant young player with a remarkable touch."

  • Giuseppe Meazza


"Yes, he does not run a lot, but if I want good football, creativity, the art of turning around a situation from the first to the ninetieth minute, only Rivera can give me all of this with his flashes. I would not want to exaggerate, because in the end it is only football, but Rivera in all of this is a genius."

  • Nereo Rocco (Former player of Napoli and former manager of AC Milan, Fiorentina and Torino)